Environmental Accounting (Fiscal Year 2009)

Business Offices in Japan

Environmental accounting is the means for pursuing the achievement of environmental management by analyzing the “environmental protection effect” in return to the “environmental protection cost” and improving the cost-effect. This was introduced to us from FY2002. Summarization was made for each quarter and the resulting analysis was reflected for carrying out more efficient environmental management.

In FY2008, a variety of highly energy-efficient equipment was installed in the R&D Center building, which was completed on the premises of KYOCERA Document Solutions Head Office. Moreover, environmentally-friendly equipment was also installed in the toner manufacturing facility in the Tamaki Plant.

Environmental Conservation Cost

Effects of Environmental Conservation & Economic Effects

(cost excluded)

Economic Effect

(income by selling valuables)

The investment in fiscal 2009 was approximately 21 million yen. In fiscal 2008, with the completion of a R&D center building at the KYOCERA Document Solutions Head Office, various kinds of highly efficient equipment excelling in energy saving were introduced (as investments).

Aiming to promote energy saving, capital investment in toner plants in the Hirakata Plant and the Tamaki Plant accounted for 44% of investment in fiscal 2009.

In addition, the cost amounted to 955 million yen (a 2.7% increase from the previous year).

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