Kyocera Mita warns about counterfeit toners

Kyocera Mita Europe has received Evidence that Counterfeit Kyocera Mita toners have been circulating, distributed, and sold within the Kyocera Mita Europe sales territory.

November 16, 2007

Kyocera Mita is taking this matter extremely seriously and has now a strategy in place to tackle the problem and to support it's dealer & distributor network in case they are confronted with counterfeit Kyocera Mita toners.

Genuine toner or Third Party
First, a common misconception in the market has to be explained before we talk about counterfeit toners. A Genuine Toner is one that is made by Kyocera Mita and bears the Kyocera Mita name and trademark. This provides the End User with Kyocera Mita quality assurance. A Non-Genuine Toner, also known as a Third Party Toner is one that bears the name of a Third Party and the Third Party provides quality assurance for their toner. Third Party Toners are not illegal.

However, in the event a customer faces technical problems arising from use of a Third Party Toner, the customer will need to refer the complaint to the Third Party Toner business and not Kyocera Mita. This is because problems caused by Third Party toners are neither covered by the Kyocera Mita warranty not Maintenance Agreement.

Counterfeit Toner
A Counterfeit Toner bears the name of a Genuine Toner - in our case a toner that bears the name of Kyocera or Kyocera Mita  - but it is not made by Kyocera Mita - but is sold as a Genuine Toner. It is an illegal product because it violates Kyocera Mita Intellectual Property Rights. Consequently, there are extremely serious Criminal Law and Civil Law consequences for individuals and/or businesses selling, distributing, or dealing in counterfeit products.

It is however difficult to identify Counterfeit Toner because the packaging often very closely resembles the Genuine Kyocera Mita product. Therefore customers are often unable to distinguish between Genuine and Counterfeit Toner. To deal with this problem, Kyocera Mita has incorporated special technology features which have been in production since October 2007, an example being the Kyocera Mita Trustgram on the toner cartridge which makes it easier to identify Counterfeit toner.

There are other possible indicators of Counterfeit Toner:

• When toners are sold at a low price is an indication they may be Counterfeit.
• Colours and materials used in the packaging are different from Kyocera Mita Genuine packaging.
• Materials used in the Counterfeit Toners are most likely a poorer quality than Genuine Toner.
• The method in which Counterfeit Toners are sold can differ from the way of normal business and consumer transactions.

What you should do
If you suspect that you have been offered or mistakenly sold counterfeit Kyocera Mita toner, please contact your local Kyocera Mita representative immediately. He will refer the matter to the relevant contact person within Kyocera Mita for investigating and litigating counterfeit cases.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.


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