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Fast and efficient workflows through intelligent digitization

Digitize documents to multiple destinations in one click

Every day you receive and create documents that need further treatment. Think about invoices, HR documents, delivery notes, price quotations, etc. They all contain crucial information that has to be available in your accounting software, staff management system, ERP, CRM or another ‘back office’ application. KYOCERA Scan & Connect offers you a solution that not only digitizes documents, but also delivers automatically important data (VAT number, invoice amount, customer name, …) at the right place, ready for further treatment in the underlying software.

Business challenges

  • Every day I receive documents via mail, e-mail, fax, etc. with important information for my department - how can I be sure that no data will get lost?

  • I want maximum productivity and the automatic delivery of relevant data from documents - where do I find help for this efficiency battle?

  • Our organization has invested a lot in back office software (ERP, CRM, Accounting, HR, ...). The scanned data have to be fed in these application - how can I be sure that the necessary data are tranferred correctly?

Your benefits with KYOCERA Scan & Connect

  • With KYOCERA Scan & Connect you digitize - via scanner, mfp, desktop client or central folder - documents in a uniform way. Also data conatining bar codes are converted and transferred. The risk of errors and time waste are reduced to the minimum: the scanning is executed in one click.
  • KYOCERA Scan & Connect recognizes and digitizes all possible data if they correspond with a previously defined format and place (for example: VAT number = 'BE' followed by 10 digits).
  • KYOCERA Scan & Connect does not only recognize crucial data, but also delivers this information at the same time in a digital way, ready to be treated by the underlying software of your department.

Scan & Connect for Document Management

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