Total cost of ownership (TCO)

Cost of printing

The lifetime cost of IT equipment has become a hot topic for purchasers. Once customers have invested in a printing solution they quickly feel the impact of hidden costs, which continue to escalate. Even PC manufacturers have adopted variations in total cost of ownership (TCO) as a way of differentiating products remarkable only for their similarity. Printers, however, are different. Whether laser or inkjet, a printer’s principal operating expense, the cost of consumables, can be expected to represent several times the purchase price of the printer.
We at KYOCERA Document Solutionshave long-since recognized the TCO of office printers to be a major issue. We have consistently campaigned to raise the awareness of TCO issues among decision makers and end users. Most printer manufacturers depend on sales of consumables for the majority of their profit and we know that the average networked printer consumes 11,000 pages worth of toner each month. Over a typical printer's life, the difference in toner costs between KYOCERA Document Solutions' printers and those of any of our competitors can amount to thousands of Euros.

Lower running costs

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of KYOCERA Document Solutions' ECOSYS devices is invariably the lowest in their class. TCO includes all costs: direct, such as the purchase price and operating costs per page, and indirect costs, including maintenance, replacement of consumable products such cartridges, use of print media, administration of the machine and the costs of energy to power it. In organizations where a lot of material is printed or copied the cost of consumables can rise dramatically, particularly where relatively expensive cartridges containing the drum, developer and toner have to be thrown away and replaced frequently. KYOCERA Document Solutions' ECOSYS technology significantly reduces these costs: cartridge-free printing means that all that is replaced regularly is toner.

Check it out for yourself – Find out the invariably lowest TCO in its class

You are keen to reduce your operating expenses? Lifecycle costs are just as important as high productivity with high quality printing results?
Then get in touch with your local KYOCERA Document Solutions dealer. Ask for an economical competitors analysis tailored to your requirements. The results achieved by KYOCERA Document Solutions ECOSYS printers will convince you. Get great printing results – with KYOCERA Document Solutions' ECOSYS devices, with invariably the lowest running costs in their class.
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