Who does GDPR affect?

Coming into effect in 2018, GDPR stands to profoundly change the way organisations manage and structure customer and employee data. Inside and outside the EU.

GDPR is applicable to any organisation which processes and holds the personal data of subjects residing in the EU. This means that it will also apply to organisations outside Europe – wherever the data may be stored and/or processed.

The first steps

The first steps towards GDPR compliance is understanding the requirements, reviewing the current processes in your business and identifying any possible gaps.

KYOCERA developed a valuable tool to give you the insights in how secure your documents are and whether your business is in High, Medium or Low Risk. In just a couple of minutes, our Risk Calculator  will help you define the next steps. Check your compliance NOW.

Ready to make your business GDPR compliant?

It all starts here. Download the Whitepaper and Legal Fact Sheet NOW!

The GDPR affects all areas of personal data storage and legal experts believe that paper documents are too often overlooked by organisations.

File Under Compliance is a detailed, easy-to-digest guide to the legal and technical aspects of handling paper documents that contain personal data. It features expert insight from KYOCERA’s legal counsel and corporate compliance team as well as offering practical advice for managing and securing printed and digital records.

Download KYOCERA's guide and help your business become GDPR compliant.

Myths: Separating Facts from Fiction

With misinformation spreading as organisations look to understand the implications of GDPR, KYOCERA Document Solutions debunks common myths and explores why the implementation of a document management system can be part of an effective solution.

Download the Infografic here

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