• How many pages does your company prints every month?
• Are all your printing devices used efficiently?
• How much time does your IT staff spend on printing related support tasks, rather than strategic developments for your company?

Only precise answers to these questions can ensure a productive print environment linked with efficient use of the devices.
With KYOfleetmanager, the professional management tool for multi-brand fleets, you're just a few clicks away of an optimized fleet.

KYOfleetmanager is a management tool based on a web interface for managing and optimizing all print devices and precise control of the printed volumes.

All aspects of management and monitoring of the fleet are now integrated into one tool, regardless of the manufacturers in the fleet (over 17,000 printing devices integrated in the KYOfleetmanager database):

  • Automatic counter retrieval
    Don’t waste anymore time faxing your counters.With KYOfleetmanager everything is automated
  • Maintenance alerts for a pro-active service
    If a device requires a maintenance operation, KYOfleetmanager automatically send a notification to the maintenance partner so they can solve the problem without you having to intervene
  • Automated supplies management
    The low toner alerts are defined at the most effective level. This way, the delivery of toner can be done proactively and just in time.
  • Custom reports on volumes and devices
  • Possibility to provide mapping of the devices


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