Seeing your business from every angle

When you buy office equipment from KYOCERA you get more than a box to open, you get an open mind. Our services are not confined to the customer service department. For us, service is a mentality. It means having the flexibility throughout our entire organisation to meet the individual needs of your organisation. We look at your office management needs from every possible angle to enable you to achieve maximum efficiency in your specific office environment. This holistic and adaptable approach also ensures that every KYOCERA device comes standard with a ‘human interface’ to get you up and running and stay that way.

Our service starts long before you buy

At KYOCERA, service is not just about providing a device and servicing it. Our technicians, dealers and service partners are dedicated to understanding your workflow so that we can provide you with flexible product offerings that fit your company, no matter how large or small. This same flexibility is included in our service offerings, which are tailor-made to suit your individual needs. And that is just the beginning.

There when you need us

KYOCERA’s philosophy is that your business and our services should go hand-in-hand. Our professional phone support and comprehensive web support are there for you, ensuring that you get a support solution tailor-made to your needs. And no matter how well things work, we believe that there is always room for improvement. Frequent checks as well as surveys on customer satisfaction help us to maintain our high standards of service and tailor them to suit your changing needs.

CARE - Customer Support

The online service for direct access to our support

A communication-platform to KYOCERA‘s end customers providing them with online support for all their questions and remarks about the services of KYOCERA.

Click here to access CARE, our online support platform.

Download the CARE datasheet here

Statement on Spectre/Meltdown vulnerability

Security Announcement Bash "Shelshock"

November 13, 2014 Please notice the Security Announcement regarding GNU Bash "Shellshock" Security Vulnerability.

Security Announcement Cross-site scripting

July 24, 2014 Please notice the Security Announcement regarding Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the KYOCERA Command Center of the mentioned models.

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