European Service Awards 2017

The quest for the best technician with the golden KYOCERA touch!

Update - November 2017

Kevin De Winter (field technician @ Toon De Somer, one of our platinum partners), Best KYOCERA technician of the BeLux 2017, came in second during the European Service Awards Final held in October in Germany!

He was up against the best of the best from all our KYOCERA subsidiaries. Although this is his individual achievement, it is nevertheless a sign that the level of service offered by KYOCERA and its partners to our customers is of the very highest quality!

Together with nr 1 (from The Netherlands) and nr 3 (from the UK) in the European final, Kevin wins a once-in-a-lifetime trip to KYOCERA's Vietnam factory and the Global Headquarters in Osaka/Japan, with an exclusive meet and greet with KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.’s executives.

The whole team of KYOCERA Document Solutions Belgium (KDBE) congratulates Kevin and wishes him a very pleasant trip.

The twelve countries that competed in the European final: United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Russia, Turkey and South Africa.

June 2017 - And the winner is ... Kevin De Winter of the company Toon De Somer

On June 8, the BeLux final of the KYOCERA Service Awards 2017 took place in the KYOCERA offices in Zaventem. 

The winner, the Best KYOCERA technician of the BeLux 2017, is Kevin De Winter of the company Toon De Somer in Antwerpen. The whole team of KYOCERA Document Solutions Belgium (KDBE) congratulates Kevin and the two other finalists, Jean Szymanski of DSL in Luxembourg (2nd) and Marc Dooghe of Vercruysse in Gent (3rd).

Kevin De Winter, the Best KYOCERA technician of the BeLux 2017, in the company of José Mata, Services Quality Manager, and Hendrik De Hertogh, General Manager of KDBE.

The Best KYOCERA technician of the BeLux will participate to the European Service Award Final in October or November 2017. We wish Kevin all the best in the next round(s) of the competition!

The 3 Belgian finalists, surrounded by KDBE Service Team staff, accompanying the final.
Jan Nevens, José Mata, Jean Szymanski, Pieter Van San, Kevin De Winter, Marc Dooghe, Olivier Van Wiele

About the Service Awards

The KYOCERA Document Solutions Service Awards were set up 10 years ago to celebrate and reward engineers with that “golden touch” when it comes to servicing and supporting customers.

The prestigious KYOCERA Service Awards are the only awards to recognise excellence in this vital area of our industry. The online format makes participating easy and the confidential test results give invaluable feedback to KYOCERA technicians, evaluating their skills & knowledge against other KYOCERA service technicians throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Previous participants have found they grow as technicians, improve their skills & knowledge and feel part of the wider KYOCERA community. Finalists also get to engage and network with colleagues across the region.

Progress to the national or grand finals also brings recognition. Not only for the technicians, but also for their employers, who've created an environment of excellence where the technicians can flourish.

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